Rotary Rays  Feb 6 2017
Date: Feb 6 2017
Presiding: Bruce
Location: Quality Inn Hotel
Writer: Holly Hebert
Guest: Ron Archer (AKA Santa Ron)
Sick and Visiting: None
50/50 Draw: Lisa Wells won $10.00 drawing Queen of hearts
Sergeant of Arms: Bruce Burbank
Happy bucks:
No Fines
Football bucks paid
Davie Harris was happy his daughter graduated and is gainfully employed until the end of summer and was also happy his sister in law was helping his wife during her recovery period.
Frances’s son, Scott came in 21st for skiing in a province wide competition.
Lisa was happy she won 50/50
Olga reviewed stats form the Rotarian Magazine and asked if you owe for the auction please pay.
Birthdays/Anniversaries: Adam Shaw Feb 7th, John’s 50th anniversary on Feb 11th and Ted’s 26th anniversary this month as well.
Committee Updates:
Paint Nite: Aiming for March 28th, Tuesday, looking for donations for the raffle table. Proceeds to assist Lisa with her trip to the Kennedy Space Centre.
Dragon Boat: Needs a fresh coat of paint to cover up graffiti
Music Festival: Gearing up for April, possible grant from City to be able to waive admission fees.
Meals on Wheels for Month of March
Bruce talked about having a meeting with Ted, Lisa, Frances and himself to determine a date for the meeting to work on our Vision and process.
Speaker: Bruce Burbank and Ron Archer -Update on CAS Endowment Fund:
Chris Friesen determined while on board for this foundation and it was approved in 2011 by the board. This Oxford Foundation is direct donations to the program that is not support within the budget. It offers financial assistance, bursaries, sending kids to summer camp, assists with further education.
In 2016, they awarded 9 bursaries, Bruce shared a couple of applications, which were amazing.
They attended local Rotary clubs to start the donation fund, speaking of some events, last year’s car show donated approx.. $12k, Ingersoll Rotary club donated $10K and is challenging other local clubs to match. This donation goes to one individual to continue and finish their education, whether it is 3 years or 5 years, the money is allocated according to the term of education.
This foundation assists public awareness of the agency and their profile.  The foundation is now approaching $220k.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30