Date: September 10, 2018
Presiding – Frances Stevens
Location – Quality Inn, Woodstock
Writer – Ron Fraser
 Guests Don Stoddard introduced his guests Erin Lounsbury and Andrea Segui who is a Rotarian from the Ingersoll Club, both from Carson Wagonlit Travel Woodstock Office
 Frances - Exchange student Montana is back to school and a sign-up sheet is being distributed for members to pick up Montana from school on Mondays and bring her to the meetings.
 Bruce Burbank - The Music Festival Committee is still lacking and in dire need of a Music Festival Coordinator so it is requested of all members to seek out a coordinator for the Rotary Music Festival to keep the festival operating
 Ron Fraser - Rotary Roses all members should be aware that we will be selling Roses again this year, the price is the same, delivery date will be Saturday November 3rd 2018, packing of Roses will be Friday November 2nd as well as Friday deliveries.
Dave Harris – Dragon Boats dock removal was slated for this evening but that has been cancelled due to the weather but will be rescheduled for next Monday September 17th in the evening
 Sergeant at Arms – Graham Hart
Ifhan fine himself for not ensuring a Canadian Flag was set up for today’s meeting
 Bruce C. for missing so many meetings this past few months but had been sailing but encouraged everyone to do more with Montana in the next few months
Graham questioned each table, on contents of the past two Rotarian magazines, only one table could provide an answer the other tables all paid a fine
Happy Bucks
Ted – just returned from a holiday in Vegas and still had a dollar for todays meeting
Dave – golfing at the Ingersoll Rotary Club’s Golf Tournament this past Friday and having a great time with Graham, Don and Rick
Graham – also for having a great day golfing at the Ingersoll Rotary Club tournament
Jocelyn- to be an Aunt in the future as her sister and brother in-law are expecting a child
 50/50 Draw Ted Beynen ticket was drawn and he drew the 3 of Hearts from the deck = $3.00
 Birthdays and Anniversaries
 September 1st Olga had her Rotary anniversary   of 13 years
 Frances, Don, and Rose led an information session explaining what they learned and observed at the Rotary International Convention which took place in June in Toronto.
Frances Stevens, Lisa Wells, Don Fulkerson, Rosemary George and Montana all attended the convention. Only Rose, Don and Montana were able to attended all three days.
The general consensus was the convention was very well organized and ground transportation by train and public transit was well done. There were a number of very good presenters including Princess Anne, representatives of World Health organizations such as UNICEF.   Attendance was from all over the world of course but estimated at 25,000 people. There were displays by many interest groups like curlers, model planes, golfers, World Health, Polio, etc. It was always busy at the vendors with Rotary swag but so many people were so very generous. Numerous participants provided pins to John our outgoing Rotary Exchange student including a pin for the 2019 Rotary Convention in Germany.
It was brought up to our Rotary District that it was unfortunate there was no one day passes for the convention. More Rotarian from southwestern Ontario would have attended if there had been a one-day pass, not everyone could afford the time or spending the cost of the 3 or 4 day convention just to attended one day.
Overall it was a wonderful experience that every Rotarian should enjoy at some point.
President Frances then presented a summary of the Club survey conducted over the course of the past year by President Lisa. Frances had consolidated the survey into categories and results and suggestions for the club visioning for the future years. Some of the suggestions have already been implemented such as a Speakers Committee which will arrange for at least one quality presenter each month.
A copy of the power point presentation will be posted on the Web Page for everyone to review.
Any further comments or questions can be directed to President Frances.
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.