Presiding –Ted 

Location – Woodstock Quality Hotel

Writer – Melissa



  • Fuka had a great time skiing with Frances and her family this past weekend
  • Rotary is hosting an international Woman's day online from 2-3pm tomorrow (Tuesday)
  • WO Fish Fry - April 16th. Would like to get a group together to attend. It's a great event. $40/person


50/50 – Holly Hebert - 4 of clubs 


Birthdays and Anniversary’s 

  • Rosemary and Brian George are celebrating their 32nd Wedding Anniversary

Sick and Visiting - all are well and healthy


Sergeant at Arms - Melissa


  • Ifhan - getting excited for the warm weather a little early - has the A/C on high in the ladies restroom 
  • Robin Ferro for reselling his Rotary penny sale winnings on Facebook for more than pennies.
  • Bob Reid - had some unusual activity occurring today - he was EARLY to rotary
  • Richard Holmes for taking advantage of the low attendance today at the buffet table. 
  • Bruce Burbank - his CAS board has been infiltrated by rotary who will keep him on the straight And narrow - the lovely Mary Holmes


Happy Bucks 

  • Don Stoddart - sad to be back in the northern hemisphere but happy to of spent a week in the Caribbean
  • Phil Laitar - apologies for having to head back to the office early today due to a break down
  • Ted Beynen - celebrated their wedding anniversary in Vegas, had a great time but 7 days is too long. 5 is the perfect length
  • Dave Harris - great play after Embro Theatre this weekend and daughter Melanie did an awesome job directing a fashion show fundraiser this past weekend in Waterloo 
  • Hazel's grandson has accepted a paid internship in Windsor
  • Holly happy she won 50/50 again!!
  • Bruce Cunningham has a great weekend at PETS II training
  • Ron - happy his step-son will be home from university this summer and working for Toyota

Program – Introduced and thanked By:  Bruce Burbank

Speaker : Michelle Quintin - Goodwill 

Provided a very informative discussion about the full scope of Goodwill Industries and all the great things they do from helping people find better employment to improvements for the environment.