Presiding – President Chris Cunningham
Location – Quality Hotel and Suites, Vansittart Room
Writer – Robin Ferro
Innvocation – Vanessa Guiliano
Guests – Mike from Stoney Creek club, Mary Holmes – Richard’s wife, Doug Eccel – former member, Norm Narancik – W/O club member, John Garton – W/O club member.
50/50 – Richard Correia was winner and drew the 4 of Spades for $4 winning.
Birthdays/Anniversaries – Dave Harris celebrating birthday on March 19th, also Larry Moore , Friend of Rotary and former member is celebrating a birthday this week.
Sergeant at Arms – Vanessa ran a trivia contest for St Patrick’s Day + Rotary Magazine however all table groups provided correct answers.
Happy Bucks- Don Stoddart just back from Cruise and only gained a few pounds. John Currie was happy to see a picture of Kerry Ltd factory on display from Scottish Curling tour slideshow. Mary Holmes was happy to return from 9 day road trip. Vanessa was happy kids were off for March break with no school. Rick Correia was happy for 50/50 winnings plus was handing our Fun League posters for DB club. Melissa went to a Garth Brooks concert and was impressed. Bruce Cunningham offered to train new members on DB safety techniques. Mike was visiting us from Stoney Creek club and was selling raffle tickets for motorcycle.
Announcements – Those attending the Rotary Dinner on Monday March 23rd in Guelph should plan on meeting at Salvation Army parking lot across from Quality Inn at approx 5pm to load the bus.
Guest Speakers were Richard Holmes and Graham Hart and they discussed their 1 month trip of Scotland last fall for the bi-annual Rotary Curling tour. This event started in 1957 and has continued uninterrupted ever since. Only select Rotary clubs are involved. This year 23 curlers from Canada went to Scotland. In 2016 the Scottish curlers will visit Canada. The trip is very worthwhile and allows you to develop life-long friendships as well as experience the Scottish lifestyle. While on the tour you are boarded by various Rotarian families. When you are not curling you are toured around the sites of the cities, towns and country –sides. If you are interested in the next trip in 2018 to Scotland please speak with Richard or Graham about their experience.
Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm