Happy New Year Rotarians as we kick off the year with our first meeting. 
President Bruce Cunningham Presided. David Harris was the writer who did not take great notes. No guests were present as this was a Club Assembly Meeting with election of a few board members. Three Board Members agreed to stay on for an additional year so no election was needed. Several Happy Bucks were given as members were thankful for their Christmas Holiday. The Music Festival plans are well under way with the bulk of the entries expected this month. It will be held at just one venue this year saving considerable volunteer effort. The Salvation Army Church will be the site of all competitions. We will be celebrating 100 years of the Rotary Foundation this summer in conjunction with the museum. The plan is to host a tea with "Ted Talks" on various historical aspects of our club and the Foundation through the day. We will participate in meals on wheels again this year on the following dates: March 20-24, May 23-26, Nov 20-24 The Dragon Boat Fun League will have a booth in the Rec and Leisure show at Cowan Park in March. Fun League will run Wednesdays, May 17-June 21st $50 per person.
Our Exchange Student Lisa van Someren will be here from Australia on the weekend. Staying with Francis Stevens and family to start. Still looking for host families. She will be here until December so please consider some activities to include her in. 
We will have our Polio Plus 1,500 penny sale on January 23rd. Please bring an item in for the sale and be prepared to purchase tickets for $15. you will get a number of tickets to drop into different items. Winners will be by random draw. 
Next Week we will have a presentation on Chinese Culture from Julia Luan of  Shen Yun Performing Arts