Posted by Dave Harris on Jan 29, 2018
Rotary Rays 
January 29, 2018
Presiding: President Lisa Wells
Minutes taken by:Dave Harris

Guests: No guests. We are happy to have Montana with us for the year

Upcoming Birthday's: Adam Shaw 

Rotary Anniversary: Ted Beynen 12 years

50/50: Richard Holmes drew the 6 of Diamonds earning him $6 in wiinnings

Bruce: Sign up for meals on wheels. Feb 20-23rd. E-mail was sent 

Sergeant at Arms: Richard Holmes

Richard is happy this is the last meeting for his pod last pod. looking forward to a slower February at work. 

Liam: paying fine for being PC party member after a tough week.

James: paying a fine for leaving early today

Graham Hart: nice weather to walk in the woods with his dog.


Meeting agenda: This was a club assembly meeting for Dragon Boats, Membership and Music Festival. Notes will be circulated to committees following. 


Next meeting: See website for details.