Presiding: President Ted Beynen
Guests: Nigel Millington, past Rotarian, City of Woodstock guests; Brian Connors Director of Parks and Rec., Chris Kern Parks Supervisor, Patrick King - Aquatics Supervisor.
Invocation: Robin Ferro
Sergeant At Arms: Robert Reid. The writer was distracted and did not take notes for this.
50/50 Draw: Don Stoddart drew the Ace of Clubs – earning him 10% of the 2 week old pot. 
Speaker:  Tony DeJongh of ABC Recreation Products on a proposed splashpad at Woodall Park.
Tony showed the club photos of a number of different splashpads and recreational facilities that they have built and one that was proposed for Donald Thompson Park a few years ago.  Each one is customized for the needs of the community.  Most have a drain away design where water is used once and sent into storm sewers. Because of the splashpad proximity to our baseball  fields a grey water option may be used which would see the water used for irrigation of the grass fields.  A rubberized base is an option but brings increased risk of bacteria vs cement pad. Cost estimates are between $160,000 to $180,000. The City of Woodstock is looking for community partners to assist with the capital cost. Branding could be built into the facility through patterns on the pad or in feature design.  A promise could be made with funding to follow. The City is flexible on this. The Board of Directors will discuss and see what options for funding are available.
No meeting next week due to Family Day.