I would like to thank the Sentinel Review and staff, as well as Rogers Cable for your coverage of Rotary's 100th anniversary and the Woodstock Rotary Club's $50,000 donation to our local hospital foundation.  Also our thanks to Woodstock City Council for proclaiming February 20-27 Rotary Week and flying the Rotary flag at Museum Square.  The editorials and press releases were timely and much appreciated.

The press coverage you gave Rotary spurred to a local resident Dorothy Howlett to call me at home.  She wanted to tell me her Rotary story.  In 1924 at the age of seven, Dorothy was stricken with polio.  As her bones were not fully developed, she wasn't treated until 1929.  Mrs. Howlett wanted to let me know the Woodstock Rotary Club paid for her treatment and expenses at Sick Children's Hospital in Toronto for her two week stay.  Rotary also helped her parents pay for her yearly checkup in Kitchener for a number of years.

Polio prevented her from playing ball, however she was a proficient swimmer.  She is now 87 years old.  I have told her story, not to blow our Rotary horn, but to encourage all service clubs and all of you who continue to volunteer and continue to serve your community. and give back to your community.  You never know what effect your efforts have made today, tomorrow or in the past to people you may never meet.  I would like to encourage all clubs, organizations or individuals who have not pledged money to the Woodstock Hospital Foundation to do so as soon as possible.  As Harvey Hunt remarked at our cheque presentation it doesn't have to be $50,000.  It can be more or less every $100, $1,000 or $5,000 pledged is very much needed and appreciated.

We as a comminuty, must keep the momentum going.  All together, we make a diffrence and make our comminut a better place to live.

Henry Grevers
President Woodstock Rotary Club