With nervous excitement Rotarians Don Stoddart, Bruce Cunningham, David Lowes, Dave Poole, Dave Harris, Art Boughtflower, Richard Shaheen, Cliff Zaluski and Harvey Silverthorne removed the first boat hull from the forms. Well we didn't do it all by ourselves.... 

David Lowes supplied two skilled employees and a forklift to hoist the 40ft. hull from the mold stations. Once on the forklift we rolled the hull right side up and placed it in the cradle to support it while we complete the inside of the hull.

James, our fibreglass professional, was on hand to inspect the work and gave it a thumbs up review, provided that it was to be painted.

We continued working buy sanding down the joints and epoxy beads on the inside of the hull and prepping the second hull planks for attachment to the mold station. 

This is a great project providing all Rotarians with an opportunity for service. To date Don Stoddart has recorded a total of 140 hours of Rotarian work on the project!

Please plan to join in on this great project on Saturday morning, Breakfast at 7:30 am (Sunrise Restaurant at Dundas and Clark) then to Kinsdale. If we can get at least 10 Rotarians out we will be able to fiberglass the inside of Boat 1 and get Boat 2 on the mold station

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