Woodstock Rotary Club Board of Director's Meeting

Quality Inn and Suites

Monday November 17, 2008

10:30am Quality Hotel and Suites


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Additions to the Agenda
  4. Approval of the minutes of  October 20, 2008
  5. Business arising from the minutes
    • Soccer Donation is complete
    • Rotary Medalist Program
  6. Finance Report- Chris Martin
    • We have lost the Rec and Leisure show this year - funding will be off by $4,000
    • Silent Auction delayed until 2009 - We need to really make this work for us.
    • Need to get the Foundation Donations properly credited to club members at RI

  7. Funding Requests
    • Curling Tour may incur additional costs from the dinner, however we did not have to host the team at our meeting this year
      8. Correspondence

·         Emily's third letter from Austria - posted on the website and in binder

·         Woodstock Hooters - Requesting sponsorship for 2009 - no charge boat rental during the summer

·         RYLA information received  - Rotary Youth Leadership Traning - $675 per student for a 5 day retreat in Orangeville May 3-8th, 2008 - We  advertise and select candidate(s) to send.

·         Contacted by John McIntosh of Heart FM re the availability of some additional scholarship funding from the radio station. Would be interested in working with us either through the music festival or otherwise to find a  suitable way to use this money.

  1. Attendance for October
  1. POD up date for Nov- Dec, Jan
    • - Christmas Dinner Dec 15 -
    • Meetings over Christmas (Dec 22/29th)- Recommend no meeting on Dec 29. Dave H. will not be here for the 22 or 29th.  Is  Olga able to chair the 22nd meeting. 
  1. Committee Reports :
    • Dragon Boat Festival - Robin
    • Membership  - Olga - Do we have a membership process to share with Rotarians?
    • Club Admin - Dave, Rosemary
    • Public Relations - Marian, James - has any work been done on PR?
    • Youth Programs - Ifhan Youth, Exchange - Emily Stott and Nun, RYLA?
    • Foundation Report -
    • Rotary Foundation - Update on Literacy program Dr. Reid

 12. New Business

    • Shoebox Campaign - Rick Shaheen is captain of this. Last year we raised $1,783 including a $500 donation from Laurie Karn. Club Auction will take place December 1st.
    • Grade 3 Dictionary Program - All Grade 3 classes in Oxford County received dictionaries. We handed out over 260 dictionaries from our club alone. Peter Staim was left short of dictionaries after all the clubs loaded up and left from his house. Do we have any leftover Dr. Reid captained this project.
    • Exchange program - I would like to get a picture of Nun and his Bio on the website to go with the page I have set up for Emily - also need a picture of Emily to post on the site.
    • AutoSkill Literacy Project - Update on Status
    • Ham Sales
    • Lectern - Our lectern is being refurbished by Larry Moore
    • Annual General Meeting

                                                              i.      Nominations for  Director 2009-2011 (3)

                                                            ii.      Nomination for Senior Director 2009-2010 (1)

                                                          iii.      Agenda Items

                                                          iv.      Ideas for a presentation at the meeting

1.      list of disbursements and donations for the club

2.      Photos of events/speakers

                                                            v.      Prepare a package for each member - financial/ letter from the president, committee chairs?

  1. Other Items
  2. Next meeting