Rotary Club of Woodstock

Directors Planning Meeting

Green Financial Group Office 112 Springbank Ave

Thursday, January 8, 2008 6:00PM



Attendance: All Current Directors, President Elect Rick Shaheen, President Nominee Graham Hart.


Reason for this meeting:

I think that there is consensus among the director s that we are continually overwhelmed with opportunities to serve Rotary and spend too much time reviewing the same program requests each year. Our time could be better spent if we were more proactive on our approach.  By developing a framework with our core fundraising and service programs clearly identified we can then determine if changes need to be made. Unfortunately during regular directors meetings we do not have time to adequately discuss this issue.


Meeting Goal:

To develop a clear focus on what Rotary programs we will be involved, confirm commitment to existing local programs and determine if we have the capacity to become involved in new programs.


Meeting Preparation - Please take some time to organize some information on any of the programs that we are currently involved in that are under your direction(or any that you think we should consider)  We will discuss each one and determine if the directors are committed to continuing support.  We will also review programs that we support financially each year. Resources that are available include the club and district website as well as Rotary International's website.



1)      Layout a calendar with all of our annual fundraising and service programs on it

2)      Discuss the pros and cons of each one (financial, member involvement) and confirm commitment to these programs

3)      Do we have the capacity to do more?

4)      Discuss other potential programs both local and international that may be of interest to our club



I will order in some Pizza, pop and coffee for the meeting. Please drop me an e-mail if you cannot attend. The regular Directors meeting will be later in the month