Rotary Club of Woodstock

Board of Directors Meeting

December 8, 2008

Meeting called to order following lunch at 1:30pm

Attendance: Dave Harris, Robin Ferro, Chris Martin, Ifhan Hudda, Olga McKellar, Don Stoddart

Approval of the minutes of meeting of November 17th.  Deferred to next meeting

Rotary Christmas Party update

  • December Pod has taken care of Santa, presents, music
  • Final numbers to be in to Ifhan by Wednesday December 10

ยท         1 Dozen Roses to be presented to the spouse of the President elect. Dave to take care of

Follow up to Club Auctio

  Motion made by Robin Ferro to use the funds from the auction  to support the Nogales Shoebox program and a matching contribution from the club to be made to Operation Sharing and the Salvation Army Food Bank in equal parts. Seconded by Ifhan Hudda. Motion Carried. So Shoebox gets $1750 and Operation Sharing and Salvation Army get $875.00 each.  Chris to prepare cheques. Dave to arrange delivery and photo with the parties involved and prepare a press release.

Request to fund $300 for Nun's high school basketball expense

        Nun has joined the basketball team at high school and Deb MacLeod has paid his $300 registration fee. $150 is refundable at the end of the season. Richard Holmes to ensure the $150 is paid back to club. Motion made to reimburse Deb MacLeod $300 for the fee by Robin. Seconded by Olga.  Motion Carried

Christmas tip collection for our server, Judy

        We will pass a hat around at the December 22, lunch meeting and give Judy the proceeds to show our appreciation for her service.  Motion made by Robin and seconded by Chris that the club will top up the fund to $400 if the members contributions are do not reach this amount.  The basis is $10/member tip. Motion Carried


We will have a board of Directors meeting on January 8th in the evening. This meeting will include the two President Elects and will be a planning session to help plan out a focus for the club. Meeting will be at Green Financial Group office 112 Springbank Ave. I propose a meeting time of 6:00pm. I'll order in some pizza for dinner.


Next meeting January 8th 6:00pm

Meeting Adjourned at 1:55pm