The meeting came to order at 12:15 with Prez Ted at the podium.
After we sang ‘O Canada’ and toasted the Queen, Canada and Japan, Fred offered the Invocation. There were 2 guests present.
After we had enjoyed a tasty lunch, Ted announced Stephen Sears birthday, Oct.8, and there were no sick or visiting reported.
John Currie handled the 50/50, Melissa winning with a joker!!! That was worth 15% of the pot, to the dismay of Don F. who hates to see the pot depleted.
Olga was Sergeant at Arms asking for happy bucks from each table, fining Joe who was late for the meeting but had not been doing Meals on Wheels. Several other latecomers had been doing Meals on Wheels.
Olga used Polio Plus Trivia to pry another few dollars from those present and to help all of us remember that this is Polio month.
The Youth Co. is looking for an outward bound student for next year.
Bruce Cunningham reported that we have been asked to do Meals on Wheels in Jan.,May, and Oct. next year It was agreed that we do that even though Jan. right after New years and May close to Music Festival may provide an extra challenge.
For Polio Plus Day, Oct.24, all the Clubs in the county agreed to collaborate on radio, TV and other publicity. We will have a presence at the Farmers’ market in Woodstock. The District will provide brochures and a banner.
John Currie reminded us that the Foundation AGM is in Nov. At that time we will be looking for a Club member who is not a on the Board and who is willing to serve on the Foundation.
Ted and Robin had attended a n area meeting on Membership and reported that changes are coming to make Rotary easier to fit into today’s lifestyles.
Melissa reminded everyone to sell, sell, sell roses. She also read a very positive report from someone on the Robust Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team who complimented our festival. the writer has since qualified to go to a Festival in Australia.
Guest Speaker - Gem Munro, Amarok Society
Rick C. then introduced Gem Munro, who works in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria.He spoke passionately about the need for educating women and girls in the slums of Bangladesh. His group, the Amarok Society, has managed to successfully reach  the most difficult group to reach; desperately poor Moslem women and girls. He was an excellent speaker and we could have listened to him for twice as long except that work interfered. Rick thanked him and  some people stayed afterwards to hear more or to purchase his book.
Ted adjourned the meeting shortly after 1:30 p.m.
There will be no regular meeting on Thanksgiving Monday.