Presiding –     Robin F
Location –      Quality Hotel & Suites
Greeter &Sergeant at Arms - Ted B
Attendance & Invocation - Graham H
50/50 - Don F
Mike introduced Shannon, Francis, Anakin & Filomena McMahon
Francis introduced Alison Stevens
All able to join us on a PD Day at their schools.
Bruce C gave a quick overview of the Harvey Woods Loft's Grand Opening event. More than 100 people attended the presentation. Our two Rotary clubs donated $20,000 to this "fabulous project". Residence are now schedule to start moving in around September. 
July POD. The Rotary Year will soon be complete so the PODs switch. Members of Don's POD now take on July.
Don S. announced that donations made in memory of his grandson have resulted in 8  AED Defibrillators  being made available, so far.
Frances S announced that invoices for dues will be out soon and members this year can pay for their lunches either quarterly or yearly if they wish. This will also provide an invoice for lunches that can be used for business expenses.
50/50 – Don F
Robert R drew the Six of Hearts
Birthdays and Anniversary’s
Rick S celebrating a birthday.
Paul Benedict - Sixth year Rotary anniversary.
Sergeant at Arms - Teb B
  • Fines
Ted did a round of Rotary Trivia
  • Happy Bucks       
Ted B – Canada's performance in the FIFA Women's World Cup.
Mike M – That his kids joined him at today's meeting.
Bruce C – Attending the Medals Awards and for getting "most" of his sailboat in the water.
Don F – Enjoyed a trip to Washington DC and attended a Blue Jays game.  And for his son getting a part in the Rocky Horror Picture Show being performed in London.
Robert R – Thanked Ifhan for providing an Italian lunch for Maria's presentation.
Program – Maria's Youth Exchange Year in Canada
Frances S introduced Maria.
During lunch Maria played a wonderful video/slide presentation created with other Youth Exchange Students in our district.
During her presentation Maria showed many more pictures of her time in Woodstock, Canada and New York City.
A few highlights from Maria's presentation of what Rotary's Youth Exchange means to her:
  • Change - new experiences that has allowed her to grow personally (more outgoing and less shy then we she first arrived).
  • Friendship - with all her host families, friends at her school and with other exchange students. Maria formed strong friendships forever and all over the world.
  • One of Maria's most memorable trips was winter camping at Camp Wanakita (and NEW YORK CITY, of course).
When Maria arrived she brought two suitcases. When she heads home soon she will only be taking back two suitcases...and four backpacks. Not too bad!