Frances Stevens last meeting as President, provided words of thanks. Noted that there has been lots of positive change during her tenure and she appreciated the support she received from the membership. The focus of her tenure has been on projects in our community as well as international initiatives. 
A person from outside Rotary has been engaged to run the Music Festival. 
The Youth Exchange Program has been maintained and $5,000 was raised to go to Shelterbox.
Frances touched briefly on her trip to Argentina, but will leave most of the details for John's presentation later in the year. 
Frances passed the fish sculpture and walking stick of DM Sutherland to incoming President, Jocelyn Jenner. Jocelyn presented Frances her President's gavel. Jocelyn endeavors to to build off of the great work done by Frances. 
Rick Shaheen was the 50/50 Winner. 
Recorded by Mary Reid.