Meeting chaired by Chris Cunningham


Invocation  Don Stoddart


50/50 Rick Correia won $9.00 with the 9 of Hearts


Fines and Happy Bucks:

-Vanessa Giuliano has moved back to Woodstock but her house is much smaller and lots of stuff

-Lynne Beath is having two of her three grandchildren for four days (4ys and 18 months)  have fun Lynn

-Bruce Cunningham Great sailing weather  kayaking and a great holiday

-Jocelyn Jenner ran a half marathon from Port Dover to Simcoe, Congratulations Jocelyn!

-Rick Correia won the 50/50 with only one ticket

-Graham Hart took his granddaughter canoeing near Dorset and they saw a  Cow Moose with her baby.  She wanted to go the next day to see them again

Chris Cunningham enjoyed the lovely summer weather with her three sons home

-Graham Hart had to have Lisa come to his rescue.  He was to short to see how the truck starts.

-Many Rotarians were fined for having their picture in Snap’d


Dragon Boats: David reported that there are 30 teams confirmed.  Firestone is putting in a team for the first time.

There has been a change in the rules.  Teams now require an equal number of

men and women on the teams.

Matt Hamilton is not available to use his crane to put in the boats.  Anyone with leads please contact a Dragon Boat member.

Sign up sheet will be out soon.  Please keep the date free


Guest Speakers:   Were introduced and thanked by Hazel Powell

Nathen Sears was our first presenter. Nathen is our out-bound student and His presentation gave us a look at his family, interest, travels in Canada from Coast to Coast and the Territories .  Nathen moved to many places with his family as a member of the Salvation Army.  He has excelled in Scouts and is now off to the

World Jamboree  in Korea.  Nathen has traveled with the Salvation Army Band

and participated in many parades.  His next big adventure will be his exchange

year in the Czech Republic.  We wish this very confident young man every success.


Our second speaker was David McKenzie MP for Oxford and a Past President of our

Club.  David gave an excellent overview of his four terms in Ottawa.  David was first elected June 28, 2004.  Two days later he was making a presentation at our Court House   unveiling the bust of George McKay donated by Taiwanese Government.

Setting up offices in Woodstock, and Ottawa was the next big task, with little time to spare.  David has chaired many Government Committee  and secretary to the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs,  Secretary in 2006 to the Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day.  As Secretary to the Minister you attend all engagement he/she is unable to attend but you have no authority .  In 2011 Served on the Justice and Human Rights Committee and in 2012 was the Government  Whip and Private

Members Committee, where private members bill are debated.

This behind the sense information was most valuable to us all.

Our meeting next week (July 13)  will be President Ted's presentation and will be at the Quality Inn [Ed.]